Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs S8 Plus & S8 – Which Should You Buy?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Galaxy S8 Plus, S8 & S7 Edge. Which should you buy?

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40 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs S8 Plus & S8 – Which Should You Buy?”

  1. My s7 edge is slowing down but i still love it. problem is i was heloing my aunt in with the grand daughters and my phone fell onto the concrete and cracked. im deciding whether i shouldnbuy another s7 edge or upgrade. or wait for the s9 to come out and buy it or wait for prices to drop further on the s8 plus.

  2. How come no one mentions why galaxy users still can't search the web and send text while talking on the phone? S3 was the last galaxy to do that. Come on smh. Other then that love the Galaxy's

  3. I'm currently using S3 and I have to choose between S8 and Note8. My hands are quite small and I don't think they will fit Note8 although I like the square cut design of it. Should I go with S8?

  4. Smaller s8 for me. Still a tad bigger than my 6 Plus (even with the curves and aspect ratio), but much easier for my baby hands to hold. I'm obsessed with the arctic silver.

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