Samsung Galaxy Note 8 In-Depth Review by an iPhone User of 10 Years [4K]

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is my first Android Phone. This is what I think about it as an iPhone “Power User”. I also compared it to my current main phone iPhone 7 Plus. I’ll be comparing it to the upcoming iPhone 8 and iPhone X as well.

I hope you enjoy this review.

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33 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 8 In-Depth Review by an iPhone User of 10 Years [4K]”

  1. iPhonedo: Doesn't work for me the cable wiggles and nothing is aligned.

    meanwhile apple users: My cable ripped apart again I need to buy a new one with this months friggin salary.

  2. Lol most of those have been basic android features almost since day one and they are not just exclusive to Samsung, I always feel really bad when apple users claim that iPhone is the best because they genuinely have no idea "ignorance is bliss".

  3. I've been using Note 8 ever since it was launched. My only grievance is the curved screen that makes typing almost impossible and I tend to make more mistakes.

    Oh, in order to scroll all the way back up on a page, there's an option where you double tap the screen and it takes you all the way to the top in a jiffy.

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