Samsung Galaxy Note 10 WON'T Come With This in The Box

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 WON’T Come With This in The Box

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23 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 10 WON'T Come With This in The Box”

  1. Just another useless post by a youtuber. How can anyone be disappointed by Samsung. They have not said anything about the specs, all speculation by uninformed youtubers trying desperately to stay relevant. Let's all wait for the phones release and then decide if it's a good buy or not.

  2. The "plain old 855" this time last year you were getting a boner about that "old 855" chip. At least try not to sound like such a cutting edge or its crap kind of tech reviewer.

  3. Now the Note 10 like the S10 will have a brighter Always on Display then the Note 9 which is something I'd love because in bright sunlight mine is hard to see. It will also have louder stereo speakers like the S10 has over the Note 9.

  4. If I was buying the Note 10 I'd be very disappointed I had to buy the 45 watt charger seperatly. Sadly I can see Sammy doing the same with the Note 11.

    Also do you know if there will be a fast DC Charger for the Note 10 for car use?

  5. It's only fair we get the exynos 9825 out should make it more the like the 855 you already have. I'm still happy with mutt s10 plus will wait for the note 11 or s12

  6. People should be grateful there getting a 25watt in the box. Unlike Apple. If Samsung put the 45watt in the box it would be even dearer. Besides with the faster wireless charging people will probably go wireless.

  7. At these price points, for all that they have already taken away, I'm not sure it's still worth an upgrade from my Note8. I would have to be really impressed by the unpacked event, to want to jump up for the Note10, and I was originally looking forward to it, after the Note9 launch last year.

  8. I'm ticked at them. The price we are paying for the Note 10+ is mighty high. They should include the bigger charger! Will it stop me from buying it? Probably not, I think 25 will be enough for me. What about pre-order gifts? Are they a no go too?

  9. I only use wireless charging anyway, so it is not that big of a deal to me. At this point, the note 10 is looking like downgrade from the note 9. Sure there are a few spec bumps, but killing the headphone jack and possibly the sd card storage is the biggest road blocks for me. No sd card is a no go for me. Samsung is not listing to its hardcore supporters. They are listing to YouTube tech guys to dictate what ideas to come out with.

  10. The Note is becoming more and more irrelevant each year it seems. It used to be we got the LATEST chipset, the LARGEST battery, annd latest features even before the S-series phones, now it's backwards it seems and the only reason to get the Note is the S-pen. Yes the Note has SOME features the S10 lacks but with the introduction of the next S-devices we'll get them and more. Plus, now they did away with expandable memory, the headphone Jack and charging for the better quicker charger. Are you kidding me, now Samsung is pulling an Apple? Plus they are charging a super premium for that stupid device. No thank you!

  11. Extremely lame move by Samsung on this one especially after asking for $1200 or so for the + version, also in general lots disappointing stuff like no jack. I forgot my buds at home yesterday and needed to use my old school Jack lol so it comes in handy

  12. I am sorry I didn't realize Samsung sold out to Apple. I mean this is Apple's game plan usually. Nickel and dime you for everything. Everything I say that backs Samsung is falling apart. They need to wake up.

  13. All these comments about Samsung becoming like Apple are ridiculous. Because they "only" give you a 25 Watt charger? Really? Samsung could stick with the 15 Watt charger and most of it's customers wouldn't even notice. People that watch these videos forget that they represent a very small percentage of the market. Samsung almost always over delivers to the common consumer compared to what Apple does. Quit whining. Either buy or don't buy, but quit thinking that any of these companies owes you something. They don't. You have a choice.

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