Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Vs iPhone 6S+! (Comparison) (Review)

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25 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Vs iPhone 6S+! (Comparison) (Review)”

  1. I don't understand the thought process in removing bezels, as you lose functionality, for example, on some device's you can have 2 front facing speakers in those bezels, or a front camera with flash and a tactile home button, removing the bezels also makes the phone weaker and easier to bend.

  2. Man, I love your videos to death but you clearly dislike the smaller Note 10. The bias is way to obvious. You keep complaining about the same things over and over again. 1080p has always been more than enough in a screen this size. 1440p was always a marketing thing, and some of us could care less, especially if it means that the battery life won't suffer, as proven in other reviewer's videos (Note 10's battery is very comparable to Note 10 plus'es). No Micro SD slot? With 256 GB onboard? Again, I could care less. Even if it were 128GB it would be plenty for me and some other users. What I like the most about the Note 10 is the SIZE. Nobody is asking anyone to "update" to the smaller Note 10. The 10+ is clearly the successor of the Note 9, but it's not like the Note 10 is a downgrade just because of the screen. Resolution is NOT everything in a smartphone. And about the price. You expected it to cost $750 like the S10e? Really? Being a Note with the S Pen with all the same features as the bigger one? (Forget about the DoF sensor, it is marketing bait again). The Note 8 cost the same in 2017 and it only has higher res vs the smaller Note 10. And guess what, that screen was not the same quality (Note 9's panel onwards has colors that are much more accurate), so I would take the smaller Note 10 over the Note 8's screen any day. Yeah, it could have cost $900 or $850 (which I don't see the point if the regular S10 is $900 too and the Note is clearly superior, except for the resolution, which by the way hurts the S10's battery life A LOT)… Granted, I would take it for free, but expecting it to cost the same as the S10e is just silly. You do not get the point. The Note 10 was NEVER meant to be the "affordable" alternative. It is the SMALLER version. That is why they did not call it Note 10E. All the bigger brother's features are still there except for a few ones that should not matter for the target audience. I have ALWAYS wished for a Note the size of my LG G6, and guess what? Now I have it. If you want bigger or QHD, just shell out $150 more and get it. Options are always better for the consumer.

  3. Its interesting that you havent tested fabric apps you only tested thrd party apps i noticesd, lets see how much of a differencess is there when you load stock apps and i olredy know that there is no big differencess in that aspect.

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