Samsung Galaxy Note 10 VS Galaxy Note10+ | When Size Matters?!

Since day one, the Galaxy Note has always been about the size. Competitors mocked it at first, but as the Joker would say – (you changed things). This is the phone responsible for making every other device go big or go home, so it only makes the strategy for 2019 all the more baffling. Today we have a Note10 and a Note10+, and for those of you wondering why you’d ever want to consider a smaller Galaxy Note, it’s time for us to compare. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and this is Galaxy Note…

34 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 10 VS Galaxy Note10+ | When Size Matters?!”

  1. Bought the Note 10 solely for the size, I've always wanted a smaller device so I would go for the S series every single time, I would miss the stylus though. So this is like having the best of both worlds.

  2. I don't know why people are obsessed with a giant phone. In fact, phones are getting longer now only proves that a big phone is not suitable for daily use. I am a galaxy S2 S4 S7e user and I stop at S7 because others are too large for my taste… I always wanted a pen so I go for note 10 without hesitation , bought at first day

  3. Like what you said but you forgot one small but important thine that separates these devices,and thats the sd card expansion,not an option on the note 10,but standard on the note 10 plus,did i max out my device w storage,absolutely.

  4. Dude, Great vid. You put the wrong Instagram tag for you in the vid. I looked on Instagram for the tag you put in the vid and found someone else. You put Jaime_Rivera – which is NOT you. I did find the real you though but you might wanna look at that. All the best! Note 10+ all the way. That is the real Note!!

  5. I can’t wait for my next phone will be galaxy note 10 Smaller versions reason why I can do so much more is because now it’s USB type C I have a lot of things that I can use for it from memory and storage when he takes off all my photos and videos everything is USB C Finally finally finally I don’t care about the SD card as much it would be nice on the galaxy note 10 but too bad they didn’t put it on there that’s OK no worries to freak out

  6. I am very disappointed with the Note 10 and the plus for removing the headphone Jack and not bringing much. However, the Note 10 is unreasonably priced, which makes it not worth the investment. Comparing the difference in price, I will lose more by going with the Note10 than the Note 10 plus, especially screen resolution, no SD!, and battery with a little difference in price!

  7. I just bought a ton of Power Delivery capable chargers that have insane specifications to essentially future proof myself but I just found out that Samsung's compatibility with Power Delivery is kind of all over. Samsung, if you're reading this can you please make your future phones better compatible with Power Delivery? When I plug my Note 9 into a 100W capable Power Delivery charger, I sometimes get the charging notification saying it'll take 3.5 hours to fully charge and other times it says 1.5 hours. Samsung, you are known for your hardware; please don't let Google beat you on this…

    Edit: I'm also really surprised that no one's talking about how Google fully supports Power Delivery on their Pixel lineup and how Samsung is using outdated Qualcomm Quick Charge technology. I understand that the typical user wouldn't care about this or have any need to worry but for those trying to switch everything over to USB Type-C instead of the standard USB, it's a little frustrating.

  8. I look at it this way, I don't like Note 10+ size and I don't want any of the "extra" features since they are useless to me. Now I was worried that I might miss out on ToF but even that seems to be some gimmick. Battery is near identical, and most if not all will not be able to tell the difference between 1080p or 1440p. So in the end I would rather have device that I can use with one hand, and keep $150 bucks.
    And on a side note, I only paid $350 for Note for free case, wireless charger, and car charger. I think it's a killer deal.

  9. not a fan f cutout and notches but also don't trust Samsung. my. s9 plus Samsung Bixby button when bought could be deactivated but software updates removed that ability for near a year. by even with the Bixby disable Chang option and Ben with double click I was always long pressing enough for Bixby to be a issue. for me to buy a s11 plus or note series I'd need at least no Bixby button. I'd prefere no notch or cutout and a s9plus minimal Brazil. it was great. more importantly I'm not paying good laptop price for a phone. 509 dollies or 500 UK pounds which really sadly translate the same in real life is the max I would pay for a flagship phone. in UK on contract it isn't a big issue. payed 200 pounds then on 34 a moth with unlimited everything and 20gig data

  10. 0:10 – AGAIN?! What’s up with these tech channels having this blatant “Subscribe” animation thing invading the screen for twenty seconds?! That bullcrud doesn’t get people to subscribe! It just annoys people like me into leaving the video immediately! GET RID OF THAT, TECH CHANNELS!

  11. Ridiculous to compare these 2 phones………..The REAL comparison should be happening between the Note 9 vs. the Note 10+ 5G…..My money went to Note 9, the 2 phones are similar and 5G will not be available everywhere until some time from now. Besides, the Note 9 and Note 10+ are extremely similar……..In 5-10 years, Folds and Double Deckered phones will be the new norm.

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