Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs Note 9 – Speed Test! Worth The Upgrade?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs Note 9 Speed Test. Epic comparison between Galaxy Note 9 vs Note 10 Plus. Worthy upgrade?

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40 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs Note 9 – Speed Test! Worth The Upgrade?”

  1. Блин ну начнем с того что у ноут 9 разрешение экрана 2к+ а у ноут 10 fullhd+… вот и ресурсов требует поболее.. а разница по факту в одинаковом разрешении минимальна

  2. Samsung can never produce an product that does not lagg. Even note 10 plus with 12 gb ram.
    Maybe aftet 12 milions of ram. Maybe if samsung exists till till then. I hate it for lagging.

  3. Honestly I see alot of comparison videos & some people's note9 are soooo slow like mine hasn't even slowed down its quick & fast with pulling up apps making calls & watching YouTube…

  4. Seeing so many colored skins being applied, I thought why not go for something which highlights the true beauty of the Note 10 Plus Aura Glow, something which the Note series has been known for. So got these invisible clear protector from instead of their skins.

  5. telefon renk olarak hiç sevmedim,alaca bulaca,tek ren cok daha iyi ,ama şu bir gercek boşuna cıkarmış olduğu işlemici hic bir işe yatamaz…
    arka değişken videolar,yazılımla samsungta yeni telefonlarında uygular,abartlacak bir olay değil,madem yeni işlemci yaptın,60fbs nedir,90 olsa ha bu neymis derdim…demekki huwaide umutsuz son gelişmelerden,yoksa cok daha fazla geliştore bilirlerdi…

  6. What I didn't like about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was that the manufacturer repeated the same configuration as Note 8, 128 internal storage and 6 Ram, which in Note 9 should come with 8 GB of Ram.

  7. thank you for this… i have both for some reason and was worried my note 10 plus has a yellowish tint on the screen compared to the 9, i thought it was a defect but after seeing this especially at 1:16 part, i wasn't alone with this tint and now think it's a part of the note 10 itself.. idk if anybody else can see it.

  8. i really waited for Speed compression On Note 9 vs Note 10 thank you so much i liked your video so fast because i waited for speed test 😊 i know SakiTech is uploaded video on YouTube but your videos gives me more energy

  9. Mate, I own Samsung S10 Plus 1 tera, 12 GB ram, Black, Ceramic version and works unbelievable. I am not a big fan of the Note series. I payed around 1200 Euro ten days ago for it but I'm not sorry. And I forgot to mention it's the 4G version because I don't trust the 5G. This phone is much more expensive in other countries. The thing is that I don't understand why is more expensive then the Note 10. Maybe you can answer my question in another video. CHERRS

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