Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – OFFICIAL SURPRISE!

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 official Exynos 9825 Gains, Galaxy S11, Android Q One UI 2.0, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus & More.


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34 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – OFFICIAL SURPRISE!”

  1. Bigger screen, bigger battery, better processor, in display fingerprint scanner, better design, better camera, double the amount of base storage, a definate upgrade. I'll be swapping my note 9 for the note 10 plus.

  2. As soon as I watched this I swear it was like viagra it gave me a super boner I literally just f*cked my GF till her legs went numb and the bed springs broke!

    Can't wait to buy this fucking phone! ☻

  3. I have heard some rumours, well at least one, there will be no micro sd slot. Do you have any information on that? That could be a deal breaker for me.

  4. I guess their going to keep the galaxy line one more you, sorry fold(RIP). Thr note would be a beast if it had the 855+ or 865, 7.1in and the 16gb/2tb. Maybe in the pro version.☹

  5. Root and overclock it, and you will get 50% more performance. But you will justify the battery decrease by 25%, or even extreme turbo mode on performance mode at 50% drainage to battery.

  6. You used to make alot of videos of each particular Samsung phone like drop tests and do speed tests with almost every phone out there. Now your just making videos based on leaks. I stopped watching you cuz of this.

  7. Apple without Jobs is not the same. Jobs brought revolution in the products. Apple is not he same company, not the same ideas, not the amazing products. Its just a phone with some heritage of Jobs ideas of some years back.

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