Samsung Galaxy M40 Review: After 1 month of use!

Find about the Samsung Galaxy M40 display, fingerprint, battery life, gaming test, speakers test, price, and more of its features & specs in this Samsung Galaxy M40 review.
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29 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy M40 Review: After 1 month of use!”

  1. Unfortunately, display in this phone is very dangerous for our health!
    I mean low frequency flickering light about from PWM

    Be careful people. RTFM about that! Your neurvous system is not will be safering if you will use that AMOLED display from Samsung A30 – M50, and M20 too!

    It is very important! BE CAREFUL!

  2. Using Samsung without Amoled, whats the point? Samsung is already behind in processors and soon, many will overtake the camera department. Samsung plus amoled is a must.

  3. oh come on….prathima…y do u have to do a video when ur voice is not good r being ill….the best thing in u is ur voice…its sooo pleasant n attractive thing in u,,, :)) i rlly like the way u do the videos n present urslf….!!please do video on oppo reno 10x

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