Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could be the new Galaxy Note?!

On Pocketnow Daily, the Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL are still on sale at the Google Store. We have a screen shot leak of the Apple Watch Sleep App. macOS Catalina is finally available to the public with some new features. We have a new teaser from OnePlus for the 7T Pro McLaren Edition. According to a new report, the Galaxy S11 will bring a periscope camera. We end today’s show with patents that hint to a Galaxy Fold 2 with an S Pen.

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48 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could be the new Galaxy Note?!”

  1. I have a note 10 plus with a sillicone screen peotector and the marks of the spen is VERY noticeable. Now try to imagine the galaxy fold with the marks of an spen? No thanks. I will stick with the note

  2. That’s a no from me for a number of reasons but the biggest being that I hardly ever used the stylus pen that came with my Note phones. I’m certain that I wouldn’t use it with the Fold either. I own a Fold and it just ain’t happening for me.

  3. I probably won't consider a Galaxy Note Fold. I am not an early adopter and I want the tech to be perfected, also as long as it's as huge as the Galaxy Fold, it's a no go for me. I would only consider a Galaxy Fold when t's like the Moto Razr fold, making a phone a lot smaller rather than making a big Phone even bigger when unfolding it. The Razr concept with an S-Pen would be ideal for me.

  4. It will never happen , the note line will stay separate from the s series and the fold . And an S pen on a soft screen wouldn't be a good idea. I'm a long term note user ,but I wouldn't buy a foldable one, it's not any where near robust enough ,and I don't want a crease through the middle of the screen.

  5. Galaxy fold with S-Pen, yes please… But… Will it only work on a larger outer screen or will Samsung have perfected that foldable glass they patented not to long ago so it will work in unfolded mode as well????

  6. I work in an dusty environment, the note has always been a durable phone for me.. I could never even daily drive the new fold, so I hope they figure that far as the dirt tolerance for the folding hinges.

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