Samsung Galaxy A8 Review!

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Is the latest addition to the Galaxy A series worth your money? We find out, in this Samsung Galaxy A8 review!

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45 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A8 Review!”

  1. Used it for over a year now and I'm just gonna run over my experience over it.
    Conclusion: if you love thin phones or stylish phones, go grab this phone right now! (pricing is as cheap as $300) Otherwise, not a bad phone to possess, but today, if you add a little bit more, you can get a second hand S7!
    1. I got the Chinese version (SM-A8000) which only costs ¥2800 (USD $421) when brand new and I paid ¥2500 for brand new. At this price it's certainly more attractive but at the same time two downsides:
    a. A watered down version of processor. Snapdragon 615 is known for crappy performance and high thermal/power consumption, and IS even slower than the Exynos 5410 from S4, while the Exynos version of A8 has a identical CPU to that of s5.
    b. 16gb storage standard instead of 32gb, technically making the dual sim phone single sim due to the need of sd card.
    2. Phone is slim, and therefore stylish. It even puts the thickness of ipod touch into shame, not to mention having a thinner body, higher screen to body ratio, better screen and better battery than the iPhones!
    3. I bought it because it has the advantage of better battery life, sd card expansion, slim, and more affordable over S6 and Note 5.
    4. As I said, awesome battery life. Easy 6 hours of usage when brand new, even with Snapdragon 615; still 6 hours of usage now, thanks to Marshmallow battery life improvement.
    5. Camera produces good quality, but slower photo saving speed. Mine is compromised by random black burn dots into the sensor, probably due to quality issues.
    6. Chinese variant DOES support 4G in US and Canada for all GSM carriers.
    7. Samsung did not skim on any sensors on this phone – except for notification led and wireless charging, due to its aluminum back and thin profile.
    8. Aluminum doesn't hold as well as S6 would over my 1 year of naked usage (but with glass protector), but still much better than chromium painting peeling off on older Samsung phones. The paint on the camera ring does get off. Fingerprint sensor does get scratched like S6, but works just fine.
    In 2017, performance is good, but you can notice animations are like 30-40fps smooth, not the 60fps smooth of the S series.

  2. 이게 한국제품이란 걸 아는 사람이 얼마나 될까. 일본 제품인 줄 알겠지 대부분..
    2년 동안 사용 중인데 강화유리라 액정에 흠집하나 안나고 고장도 안나고 2년 전 그대로 멀쩡해서 다른 제품으로 못 바꾸는 중..ㅠ
    참 잘 만든 제품이다.
    다만 배터리 수명이 좀 줄었네요. 이건 리튬을 쓰는 현재까지는 피해갈 수 없는 부분..

  3. My Galaxy A8 screen is separating from my phone for the THIRD time. This same issue was already repaired twice in Chiang Mai, Thailand at the Samsung Repair Center.
    In addition the Auto Focus on the camera is hard to focus. It will roll through all the focus points and then remain unfocused when it decides to focus. I don't think I will be purchasing anymore Samsung products.

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