Samsung Galaxy A70 Review: Forget the S10

Samsung Galaxy A70 Review: Forget the S10

The Samsung Galaxy A70 packs some impressive looks and specs. in this video i review and tell the truths about this device. Is the Galaxy A70 worth it or not?

$330 (N120,000.00)

Body: 164.3 x 76.7 x 7.9 mm, 3D Glasstic back, plastic frame.
Screen: 6.7″ Super AMOLED, 1080x2400px resolution, 393 ppi.
Chipset: Snapdragon 675 chipset: octa-core and Adreno 612 GPU.
Memory: 6/8GB RAM, 128GB built-in storage;…

44 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A70 Review: Forget the S10”

  1. So I have the s10, a70 and a50. I'm very tempted to sell my s10 because the a70 is amazing and I love it. I used the a50 4gb 64gb version for a couple weeks and that was probably enough for me. But. The s10 has a way better fingerprint reader and has the powershare option. I'm divided.

  2. Forget the S10????
    A70 doesn't do anything special
    It's body is made of plastic
    Screen res is just 1080p
    No wireless charging
    The cameras are mediocre
    The speakers are just okay
    It has a mid range processor
    It doesn't offer any feature that overshadows the s10

  3. Get the oneplus 7 pro and do a review on it. I'm sure you'd like it's oxygenOS, and the fact that it possibly has the best display on any other flagship right now.

  4. Maybe is your opinion about the os… But the most part of Web influencers that I know do not say such bad things about one ui… Is one of the best os out there…

  5. Lol! Nice review…i love this guy. I really don't have a problem with someone going to buy a brand new S10 or any other high-end phone. I only have a problem when someone goes to buy a second hand S series at the same cost of this phone.

  6. Im a UI developer, when it comes to Mi UI and one UI Samsung's one UI is far better than Mi's in terms of smoothness , Icons design, the animations, The features, Also we are paying huge for these mobiles why ads on MI UI….one UI is clean without ads and looks very premium. good job Samsung 👍

  7. There are 3 things I don't like about my A70.
    1. The fingerprint reader is slow and sometimes unreliable.
    2. Lots of features like secure startup have been taken away on the One UI, its different from the flagships. (Don't know what is wrong with Samsung).
    3. Phone updates are next to zero for African markets. I'm still on May patch whilst the Indian versions of the A50 and A70 have night mode, improved fingerprint and security updates.

  8. Reviewers always forget to mention the music aspect of phones. The A70 is a beast with good headphones. Awesome sound. Overall the phone ticks all the boxes. Had it for about a month and I strongly recommend it. Samsung blows away the midrange track with this one.

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