Samsung Galaxy A70 $340 VS Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus $1199

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Galaxy Note 10 Plus:
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48 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A70 $340 VS Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus $1199”

  1. I keep saying the A line is the sleeper line… My A80 ran me $500 no trade in, has same cameras for the front and back because it flips… I don’t desire the Note I don’t need an S Pen. So 6.7 inch screen on the A80 with no hole or notch, 8gb of ram, 3700 mAH battery. It has been a joy to play with to say the least and it last me all day. Not huawei like stats but more than a day for someone like me who carries 2 phones.

  2. Hey J, I know u r a pro at wat u do, no doubt about that, but did u redo your fingerprints after u put the screen protector on? Sometimes we move too fast n forget things along the way!

  3. Thank you for doing something like this. I know it makes a lot of difference in the performance and camera quality but in terms of daily needs it doesn't matter that much. Only occasionally used features or just namesake feature increase the price by a large margin

  4. I need S Pen every day, so I will go with Note Series. My mom is rocking with A70 though. IMO, A70 is a great phone. I agree with you for getting A70 instead of S10 series. Apart from the processor and better spec, normal usage wont' be different that much between A70 and S10 series. I personally find that the on-screen finger print sensor is faster and more reliable in A70 (coming from someone who has very mild crest of fingerprint). For the price of USD350 in my country, I would say A70 is a great option.

  5. A70 wins for Price alone. The second is the headphone jack. The sound is better. They are getting better with ear buds. It is just yet to that level of quality as having a cord for quality. That is my personal experience . For others it may be good enough. Money is again the reality for wireless ear buds. Most will not have the extra money for these expensive extras😎.

  6. I went from the A20 and A70, to the Note 10+. I really really love this note. I love the stereo speakers, 45 watt charging capabilities, and higher resolution display, 1080 just looks like crap when you are viewing it on such a nice display such as the note 10+. I admit the A series line up is great, and they are impressively close to the S series of phones, but, those scrappy speakers are just not worth the price of admission, especially when you're trying to watch movies and such. Netflix looks amazing on the note 10+. And so do most youtube videos. However, I noticed with your video the lack of sharpness you get with a higher resolution recording. 1080 is fine for most users, but, when you really are a power house user and want to really enjoy your content the note 10+ blows every phone out of the water. Plus, I dont mind throwing a nice case on the phone and showing off the beautiful backing of the note 10+. Both my A20 and A70 look like cheap low end phones with a clear case on them. There's no real colors that look nice with plastic, where as the glass of the note 10+ really shimmers through a clear case and gives it a real premium touch. Also, I love the S-Pen, as a developer I love that samsung has opened the API'S for it and made it available for developers to really do some impressive things with.

  7. I was planning to get note 10 but I had a low budget. So I checked out the a70 and for about a month now, I'm happy I got the a70 rather than the note. I'm from Nigeria where a $1,200 is your total annual earning 😁

  8. i would have gone for the s10 if it had the 5000mah, got rid of the curved screen and brought down the price a bit. seriously, i hate this new trend of curved screens. i went for the A70, the battery is FANTASTIC. im an above average user and its the seriously the best. use it for 24 hrs, recharges within an hour-ish. so while getting ready for work, battery is full and your good to go.

    FYI, there are new models coming out for the galaxy A line. the new galaxy a70s is rumored to have similar specs but with better camera 64mps. im hoping for a 5000mah battery this time.

  9. J. Will your A70 is the international version correct? Do you have your A70 on T-Mobile and if so does it function properly for you? Hearing rumors of functionality issues so wanted to check with you.

  10. Thanks for The Video.. I Have A70 and I won't Buy Note 10+ Becuase it's Great with Me A Very Beautiful Device to Use and You Can Have Wireless Charging on A70 By Buying an Extension with Type C and Put it Behind The Phone When You Need it with
    8 Dollars.. But I Don't Need it Because The Charger is Awesome….And There is A70s Coming on The Way with 64 Mega Pixle Camera… Thanks Again and Have a Great Times… 👍🏻

  11. Yo jwill another great video by U !!! I'M rocking the Blu Vivi xi plus its a good phone also I'm old school I got the mate 8 still and the Nexus 6 I'm still Loving them bro – I love your videos u keep them real and on point about them prices !!!

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