Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 Vs Moto G7 Camera Test

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This is the Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 Vs Moto G7 Camera Test, which camera is better?

Music by Joakim Karud

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9 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 Vs Moto G7 Camera Test”

  1. Y'all need to like watch this from a VR prospective it make the photos look so sharp clean and 3D it's cool it basically combines both cams to form a super cam quality. Try it out but be careful it does kind of hurt your eyes a little looking at it differently.

  2. Thanks for the test. I prefer the G7. More details, better stabilized, much better autofocus. It has a warmer white balance for sure, which generally is better for people and worse for landscapes. And it seems to err on the side of underexposure in some scenes. But I like it. I have mine on pre-order.

    Was this 2160p30 footage?

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