Samsung Galaxy A100 – CANCELLED GREATNESS!

Samsung Galaxy A100 with fullscreen design 2.0 vs Mate 30 Pro & Note 10 Plus, OFFICIAL Samsung 12GB DDR5 RAM & more.


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32 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A100 – CANCELLED GREATNESS!”

  1. Samsung has been killing it recently with smartphone designs and the Galaxy Note 10 looks incredible. It’s too bad that the Galaxy A100 was canceled. Speaking of the cameras on the S10 and Note 10, Samsung needs to step their game up next year because they are falling behind Huawei, Google, and Apple in the camera department.

  2. People stop excusing this shit like seriously xeetechcare's fambase is just full of Samsung sheeps. Samsung is becoming like Apple and you can't deny it. First the stupid cutout and then no headphone jack and the best charger won't come straight out of the box i mean this is just so stupid. I'm a huge Samsung fan (might not be after qll of this) but only a sheep would think this is okay.

  3. Also ice ranted about not having 90hz display it isnt practical aswell for what surfing the web all game devs cap their games at 60 fps so there is no real advantage
    On top of that we are still eaiting for samsung to add solid state battery not graphene as it cost too much n just as heavy while ssd battery is lighter and slimmer their working on how to make it hold its charge albiet it cant charge fast just you really only need 25w or 30 nothing higher even though it can manage heat way better

  4. Also we know samsung has a 32 48 and 64 mp cameras but adding these right now will hike the price up all these companies adding 48 mp is just bayer layers it has small micron pixels while reduced at 12 mp or 16mp you get like 1.6 or 1.7 microns
    Phone should honestly aim for 2 micorns or higher giving dslr have higher microns

  5. Conservatism has become the stumbling block for Samsung. This spells the beginning of a downfall to obscurity for any mobile phone company. Witness the last few models from HTC before the company is no longer relevant in the mobile phone industry.

  6. You know what Samsung needs to do is work on their camera software if they can do that and somehow pass the pixel they will be #1 they have the best display in the market and design what's your thought

  7. In time Huawei will definitely beat sammy owing to its financial support from the Chinese govt. No conglomerate no matter how big it may be can compete against a state

  8. Samsung why did you not go with the 5X Zoom camera feature ?/? Yes , Huawei knows its all about the 10X Zoom camera feature…. exciting for filmmakers these days to have the extra leverage over the competition smartphones…..Especially when one is creating masterpieces of film art ! Scarboro

  9. Maybe they will launch it after note 10 or maybe it is not cancelled, just the project is moved to another project with a different code name.
    Just my thoughts, as this Phone will have more potential, so it may not actually cancel it

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