Samsung fold user review part 3

2 thoughts on “Samsung fold user review part 3”

  1. Hey bruh!
    F#@& the haters, they don't know how good the Fold really is. Using it every day, all day. Closed as a phone, as a messenger device, for music playback. Open it's the perfect reading, gaming, media consumption device. Plugged into a monitor? DeX gives me a real desktop, running 8 apps, Chrome with 20 tabs and a video conference call with mouse and keyboard connected.
    My Note 10+? Traded in.
    My Note 9? Given away
    My Pixel 3 XL? In my bag for when I need a camera.
    My iPhone 11 Pro? Backup.
    The Fold is my everything device, daily driver.
    It's the future of personal computing

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