Samsung Fast Charging test. S8 plus vs S7 edge vs A5 2017.

Fast charging test between three smart phones. which one is quicker?

samsung galaxy s8 case black:
samsung galaxy s8 case silver:

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48 thoughts on “Samsung Fast Charging test. S8 plus vs S7 edge vs A5 2017.”

  1. How can we see which charged faster when you didn't see which one got to 100% first. sure you can top off the battery and see which will be speedier at it but you should have included the full charge winner as well.

  2. Guys, why is the icon charging different in the S8? Is about Android Nougat in the S8 that change the icon charging (circle icon) ? Thank you for your reply.

  3. Do you think it is unhealthy to regularly charge phones with fast charge? Is it healthier for battery to charge with usb from laptop, or disable fast charging on phone?

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