Samsung DeX On Windows Review – Note 10 Plus

Samsung has released the DeX app for Windows and Mac OSX but.. as of making this video it only works with the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus +, So in this video I take a look at DEX on Windows using the Note 10 + to see how it performs with everyday tasks like video playback native android Gaming like Fortnite, Emulation and I also run a few benchmarks.

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24 thoughts on “Samsung DeX On Windows Review – Note 10 Plus”

  1. This is essentially remote desktop to your phone. It is not external screen. Due that reasons 30 fps and latency is something I dont take as negative. It is not replacement for a real desktop pc.

  2. Netflix doesn't work on DeX, it keeps saying "Can't show protected content on your computer." the audio works but the image wont come through. This really sucks, this was the main reason I even cared about the new DeX to begin with to watch Netflix at work. I also noticed Hulu doesn't work either, but that's because it says it just doesn't support DeX.

  3. The unstable and low frame rate is really disappointing. I was really hoping to use it as a full fat experience.
    Hopefully it gets better or maybe it would be better over a thunderbolt port? I should test that with my note 10 plus. I haven't experimented with dex yet.
    If it just kinda can't work better, then maybe someone will make a dex notebook which will be something like a dock in the form factor of a laptop.
    Like that Razer laptop with the Razer phone dock where the track pad was, but without the windows PC guts.
    Edit: lol I'm actually just thinking of the Razer project Linda. I wanted to buy Razer but they don't sell parts for their phones.

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