Samsung DeX on the Galaxy Note 10 Plus!

#GalaxyNote10Plus #SamsungDeX

Galaxy Note 10 Plus:
Code: 20NOTE10PLUS

Galaxy Note 10:
Code: 20NOTE10

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14 thoughts on “Samsung DeX on the Galaxy Note 10 Plus!”

  1. awesome video, for the life of me I couldn't figure out the use of the this. I had it running on my computer but my phone companion is better to me when using a computer. So, a monitor, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, then boom you have a computer.

  2. Dex is the reason Samsung is my #1 choice for a phone, love Samsung DEX! I use Dex as my primary PC, I have a desktop setup 24" Samsung monitor, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, DEX station, computer speakers and a wireless printer, and an external hard drive. It is awesome.

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