SAMSUNG DEX 7 DAY TEST- I Replaced My Laptop for A Week (Biggest Problems and Best Features)

Can Samsung Dex replace your home computer? Are phones powerful enough to make this possible? For the past 7 days, I used ONLY Samsung Dex while my laptop was locked in a closet. These are the best features and worst issues I found.

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23 thoughts on “SAMSUNG DEX 7 DAY TEST- I Replaced My Laptop for A Week (Biggest Problems and Best Features)”

  1. I am a DEX user for 6 months now, I have the Galaxy S10e and it working just fine.
    Few things that might help you:
    – Use a dongle with power delivery in order to charge your phone and to power USB drives. There are tons of options on Aliexpress.
    – You can use thumb usb drives on DEX. Just download Total Comander + the USB stick plugin. This will give you the option to use NTFS USBs.
    – You can connect USB webcam, just download some app in the appstore.
    – Don't use Chrome. Use Samsung Internet, it is much more optimized for DEX.
    – If you want to be portable, buy HP LapDock, but make sure the serial number starts with V8!
    – If you really need to use Windows software you can use remote desktop app from Microsoft. That way you can connect to your PC wherever you go.

  2. It's always something to consider for someone who's laptop died and they have the right phone, and thought do I need another with the few hours I use a laptop.
    The other thing is travel convenience near or far especially without a vehicle, or even security if it's not practical to leave a laptop around other strangers in work area flowing through. I'll stick with my Chromebook for the little remote work I need.

  3. Seven days, cute LOL

    I've been using my Note 9 with DeX/Linux on DeX for the last 8 months as my main PC. This can 100% replace anyone's computer/laptop without an issue, including for those o-m-g I can't leave windows because of my gaming addiction people. Use Shadow PC or NVIDIAGames for gaming, Shadow PC being the better of the options.

  4. Great video. I use videopad to edit my videos on DeX and even have CD/dvd burner with using on dock but I mostly use DeX wire (35 bucks) and wireless charger. Great for gaming with bluetooth controller too. Note 8. The reason you only get 5 apps at once is because of your 3rd party hub my original DeX dock I get 20 apps open plus

  5. Great video mate. Actually if you use Samsung’s Dex pad you will be able to open more than five windows at the same time, and as a bonus you get a couple of usb ports and a fan to keep your device cool while charging and using Dex. Keep up the good work.

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