Review of Beastcage iPhone Rig for Filmmaking and Photography

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If you’re a mobile phone photographer or filmmaker, the Beastcage may be what you’ve been looking for. Have had it for several weeks & have run it through a variety of test shoots and video shoots. Here’s my review!

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Beastcage Sample Videos:

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7 thoughts on “Review of Beastcage iPhone Rig for Filmmaking and Photography”

  1. First question: can I screw on an outside brand lens, such as the moondog 37mm lens? Second: in your opinion, will the iPhone still fit into the cage if the phone is in a thin rubber glove case?

  2. One thing to keep in mind is that when you use the 37mm adapter instead of the bayonet mount system, you can use the Pro Series lenses too on the Beastcage. The advantage of using the Pro Series lenses is that you can use an ND filter while shooting outside and keep the shutter speed down so you can keep the cinematic look and keep the 180 degree rule for shutter. I’m not aware of there being any current solutions for an ND filter for the M Series lenses.

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