Review: Apple iPhone 11 Clear Case – worth $40?

Hands-on with the iPhone 11 Clear Case ( It’s one of just three first-party cases available from Apple. I review it as someone who has experience with Apple’s iPhone XR Clear Case from last year.

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47 thoughts on “Review: Apple iPhone 11 Clear Case – worth $40?”

  1. I think I’m getting the clear case. I’ve been using my iPhone 11 Pro for two weeks without a case and it looks amazing but it feels like playing russian roulette every day. I didn’t want to buy another silicon case and leather cases get dirty super quickly. Thanks for helping me out solving this dilema.

  2. I had this case for my 11 pro but I returned it because it was extremely slippery. I felt it was gonna fly out my hands if my hands sweat even just a little bit.

  3. I have this case and it’s super super slippery. I hope this changes after some time of use but at this moment I’m thinking of replacing it with something more sticky on the outside

  4. I bought this case when I ordered my phone so I could be protected day one. The only issue I have is that it's super slippery. my phone has nearly flown out of my hand several times a day already. Clear is great, but not being slippery is better. No, not worth $40.

  5. I bought the leather Apple case ,less slippery and the incipeo duel pro clear for work as it’s tougher and was cheaper than Apples clear on.My recommendations would be the Mous clear case if you can find one

  6. I don’t recommend this case at all. I’ve used it for 24 hours and the back is covered in scratches (with very light use only!), and the case is meant to have a scratch resistance? I’m taking to back to apple to exchange for a silicone case.

  7. Voice was fine. Prior to the iPhone 11 delivery, I purchased and received the Apple clear case as well as the black silicone case. I kept the silicone and returned the clear. Just didn’t like the “slipperyness” of the clear as compared to the silicone.

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  9. When I used to use cases for earlier iphones (4, 5, 6, and 7), I bought cheap cases on Amazon. Ended up having to get like 3-4 for each of those phones due to them not being durable or lacking quality. When I got the X, I went with an Apple case, and it has lasted me 2.5 years and looks brand new. I personally feel if you're buying a $800+ phones, a $40 case is really nothing. If you can't afford the case, then you prob shouldn't be getting the phone in the first place.

  10. Since apple didn't make any leather case for iPhone 11 (yet) I went for this clear case. The rubbe case was just too much rubber…dust got stuck on it and it showed. So far I'm happy with this case. Will be on the lookout for leather cases but, haven't found any yet.

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