Redmi Note 8 Pro Vs Samsung M30s Vs Realme XT Detail Comparison

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Iss video me hum kar rahe hai Massive Detail Comparison Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy M30s Vs Realme XT.

Samsung M30s-
Realme XT-
Redmi Note 8 Pro-


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49 thoughts on “Redmi Note 8 Pro Vs Samsung M30s Vs Realme XT Detail Comparison”

  1. Points system is misleading.
    Pls don't compare like this. Buyers will end up buying wrong phone.
    In my opinion…
    If someone wants SUPER STEADY video shooting MODE, AMOLED SCREEN , BIG battery, Samsung Brand valueone should go with Samsung.
    If someone wants an all rounder phone with good battery, good UI, camera with natural pics, better gaming experience, at the cost of ANOLED screen (IPS)he should choose REDMINOTE8 Pro.
    If someone wants nothing special, everything good….XT is better.

  2. я так то ничего не понял, но на тесте на скорость запуска програм realmi и samsung были не под своими надписями, соответственно самсунг самый медленный, а не наоборот, как можно ТАК накосячить?

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