Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Redmi Note 7 Pro – Worth the upgrade?

Here is the first of my quick take Redmi Note 8 Pro Versus Series! First up, the Redmi Note 7 Pro! Is the Note 8 Pro worth the upgrade over the previous generation? Stay tuned for my next quick take video coming soon! #RedmiNote8Pro #Note8Pro #Redmi #Xiaomi #Frankietech

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46 thoughts on “Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Redmi Note 7 Pro – Worth the upgrade?”

  1. I'm more concerned about the Samsung sensor more than the MediaTek chip. MediaTek hasn't been great about publishing source code in the past. When I see MTK I think no custom roms. That's not important to everyone. Personally I think Sony sensors just produce better photos than Samsung sensors. IMO the camera seems like a side grade at best. I'd probably still buy one if they kept the phone the same size as the RN7P.

  2. Very good review as always! I like to watch because you stay neutral! Well I don't like mtk and I will pass RN8. This new design is amazing, I like how the cameras are placed in the center, and the battery seems to be good. But this mtk is 12 NM what is outdated. All in all I'm waiting for redmi note 9 on Qualcomm. If xiaoni decided to use mtk then I will say bye bye xiaoni it was nice having business, but IAM going to use Huawei or even 1+ (OnePlus)

  3. Hey Frankie. Here is a tough question for you, Redmi note 8 pro or CC9e? 😀 what do you think? I currently have the Note 7 Pro but i'm thinking of giving it away and getting a new phone at the same price range.

  4. frankie can you make unboxing video and review of Meizu 16s (snapdragon 855) and Meizu 16s pro (snapdragon 855 plus). no channel make any review of that phone yet. that phone is the real flagship killer imo, very cheap with a flagship quality.

  5. Two major concerns are there about that GW1 sensor and G90T. But i think xiaomi tested them thoroughly and only after that it put them it their best selling series. Let's see what happens

  6. Yes the note 8 looks better for me simply because if the colour. I have had mtk chips before, in Sony, ZTE and other phones. I wanted the Redmi note 4 with the mediatek chip in as it was both faster and had great battery life, but had to settle for the note Redmi 4 with the Snap Dragon chip. So I do not see having a mtk chip as any kind of problem. This chip is specific for photos and game play so that will be interesting when you review that. I wonder when it will arrive in Estonia? Certainly not this year as the main phone sellers here will soon be altering their stocks by the end-of-year get-rid-of-old-stock sales they all have at the same time. I like this phone and have a good feeling about it! By the way a Sony C4 with a mtk chip heats up under intense use but does not slow down. I had such a phone. Great video again love this format of direct comparisions.

  7. Hi, could you make a video about the redmi note 8 pro about battery life, since I understand that mediatek processors have poor energy consumption. Also tell me what material the phone frames are made of, metal or plastic, thanks.

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