Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Honor 9X Pro vs Mi 9T – Midrange Showdown!

Here is my comparison between Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Honor 9X Pro vs Mi 9T! Which of these phones is the best mid range phone of 2019? Stay tuned for part 2 and my full camera comparison! #RedmiNote8Pro #Honor9XPro #Mi9T #Frankietech

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38 thoughts on “Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Honor 9X Pro vs Mi 9T – Midrange Showdown!”

  1. Frankie can you please give the G90T a proper review why are you not showing it connected to two wifis at the same time?? This chipset have some unique features please research it and highlight it please

  2. cant say anything about the note 8 performance, hasn't tested the note 8 battery, hasn't really tested the note 8 camera….. dude you had the right idea but just give us this video a couple of days later when you can actually compare the phones :/ appreciate the effort to give us all this note 8 content as fast as possible though

  3. Looks like the mediatek isn't great for thermal wise. I suspect a higher battery drain too. The only thing i love the 8 Pro over 9T is because of microSD slot and the bottom mounted audio jack, which imo makes it a better designed phone overall. The compromise in IPS LCD and Mediatek is still acceptable to me. For serious gamers doing grinding, an IPS LCD might be favorable over AMOLED dur to issues with burn in. I have seen older Pixel phones have burn in issues with OLED screen

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