Redmi Note 8 Pro First Look! – Green Gaming Goodness!

Anytime, anywhere. Frankie Street Tech Oh Yeah! Introducing the Redmi Note 8 Pro! This is the 8/128 GB in Gorgeous Ice Jade!

Price – (1600 RMB/2000 HKD/254 USD/ 18400 INR/ 13325 PHP)

Stay tuned this is just a first look! Full initial coming shortly including Google Check, Geekbench, PUBG and more Phone Comparisons! #RedmiNote8Pro #RedmiNote8 #Note8Pro #Redmi #Xiaomi #Frankietech

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45 thoughts on “Redmi Note 8 Pro First Look! – Green Gaming Goodness!”

  1. Hello Frankie, I'm from Nigeria, and I must say you are doing a great job, my brother and I are big fans of yours, always anticipating your phone reviews especially on the xiomi/redmi brands. 👌 keep up the good work.

  2. I think the Redmi Note 7 Pro looks a lot better. It's smaller, the back is not curved and I personally prefer the camera in the corner rather than the center. I am very interested in this phone, but I don't know if I'm interested in it more because of the CPU or just the next iteration of the amazing RN7P. If the CPU turns out good it will be interesting to see if it finds its way into any smaller devices.

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