Redmi Note 8 Pro CAMERA TEST vs K20 / Mi 9

Redmi Note 8 Pro has a quad camera setup with a brand new 64Mp sensor, ultrawide camera and two depth sensors to assist imaging

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24 thoughts on “Redmi Note 8 Pro CAMERA TEST vs K20 / Mi 9”

  1. The comparison samples where great, but really, to me it seems that the video quality in the Redmi 8 Pro is more than a little bit off. In fact, there is a huge difference between the other two devices. The Photos on the other side look very similar and there is very little difference there.

  2. Redmi note 8 pro has a great value, but it's always a big phone, and heavy too…AT almost 200gr, may be i will wait a little to replace my actual Xiaomi by …a realme XT Pro (Pros has the NFC), just slighter lighter but lighter.

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