Redmi Note 8 Pro – 64MP Camera Initial Review (Not Impressed)

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As someone who takes mobile photography very seriously, I decided to see what 64MP on a budget smartphone actually means in real life! Check out the video to find out whether this is a pass or fail!

26 thoughts on “Redmi Note 8 Pro – 64MP Camera Initial Review (Not Impressed)”

  1. Lim ah Lim… You want to share the 'bad' photos but before i could really see them …the next transformation/animation begins. Give the viewers some time ya? Squeeze so much photos in such short loop is like squeezing 64mp into such a small sensor and things get noisy… Since i pay nothing in monetary to you…take said as my feedback rather than complain 😚

  2. I might agree with u..even though im super hyped bout this,but vidrecording in 1080p30 with mic is important..nightmode maybe not so much but if they introduced this to Malaysia at rm999 then im fine with it

  3. if you are coming from a redminote 5 or note 6, then camera improvements can be clearly seen but if you use a k20 pro and even iphone, then you cannot definitely see anything special about it… that is why it is "his" opinion… if you guys are coming from previous gen Notes, do not be worried, youwillsee big inprovements

  4. Thanks for another great video review. We trust your take especially in regard to camera performance. And I knew ahead of time somehow this wouldn't be great as far as its cameras go. Seems like the Redmi K20 Pro/Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro is the standout affordable option at this point. You've taken some great pics with those.

  5. Thanks for the review @Lim Reviews, I'm looking for this anywhere because I'm not quite sure whether to go on redmi k20/ redmi mi 9t or redmi note 8 pro because I'm also looking for the camera quality, and I think k20 is somehow comparable to k20 pro so I guess I'll go with k20/ mi 9t 🙂 Thanks for the review Lim 🙂 is it right???? btw, subbed 🙂

    * Also your shot from k20pro on instagram helped a lot , thanks Keep up 🙂

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