Redmi Note 7 Pro vs Samsung A50 Comparison

Watch the Redmi Note 7 Pro Vs Samsung A50 Camera Comparison Here –

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41 thoughts on “Redmi Note 7 Pro vs Samsung A50 Comparison”

  1. With 2.3 GHz cortex a73 in A50 u found the UI to be a little sluggish even on Pie…I M sure there must be some other variable in play. Even My sd625 doesn't have any sluggishness with Pixel Experience Pie.

  2. BUT STILL… note 7 pro is no match for super amoled display and untra wide angle lense and better selfie camera and Dolby atmos (for earphone) and better out of box charger and lesser radiation offered by Samsung A50

  3. U r Biased It proves it A50 have 10nm Chip with Samoled Screen effect.So battery life more on A50.Stop calling urself an Expert And yeah Who will say about in display scanner U almost forgotten every Good point of A50 Worst tech channel I m Quitting So u guys do it too

  4. You will never be like honest Hindi reviewers like Amit Satwani from Gadgets4U and Gizmogyan

    You never mention SAR value, speaker quality because you have a bias towards Xiaomi and this is now evident

  5. I really thought the next level for mid-range w.r.t screens are the beginning of LED screens.. kudos to samsung for bringing it in..
    Keeping that aside, RN7 pro has killed A50 on each other aspects I guess..

  6. Last question. Is there any big difference between normal pic and 25mp pic from A50? and does 25mp pic helps in capturing good low light images? thanks. You doing a great job ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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