Redmi Note 7 Pro How To Hide Photos

How To Hide Photos In Redmi Note 7 Pro

Redmi note 7 pro is packed with lots of features and covering it way is a huge game so in this video I will be showing you guys how to hide photos on Xiaomi redmi note 7 pro using stock gallery application.

So with that being said let’s get started

First of all
Open Gallery

Then Swipe Right to Albums

Then swipe from up for down

then click on next button

Select the albums that photos you want to hide

Then sign in with your mi account


30 thoughts on “Redmi Note 7 Pro How To Hide Photos”

  1. Please help me, when I copy a photo from my computer to my redmi the photo looks horrible, the quality is poor, but in my computer or in any other phone the photos looks like in HD

  2. Thanks for info……. I add pic in hidden album n forget. How can I see again pics. But when I saw your video here than I remember my pass code n how can I open it. Thanks again for upload this video it's too much helpfull for new user of REDMI 7 PRO

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