Redmi Note 6 Pro Giveaway | GIVEAWAY by SA Sir_Expert Kota Faculty

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Redmi Note 6 Pro Giveaway
I am Shivanshu Atrey from Kota, Rajasthan.Welcome to our youtube channel “Shivanshu Atrey_Maths Education”

About this Video
In this video i am giveawaying a redmi note 6 pro by giving the correct answer of my question

Thank you so much….
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29 thoughts on “Redmi Note 6 Pro Giveaway | GIVEAWAY by SA Sir_Expert Kota Faculty”

  1. Ans :Total loss 1000 rs (700 rs loss in goods & 300 rs loss in cash) soln : firstly shopkeeper loose 1000 rs (-1000)again thief give to shopkeeper 1000 rs. So total loss are in rs =(-1000 +1000=0) but shopkeeper give him goods of worth 700 rs so now loss in goods =(-700rs) and return him 300 rs so he get loss in cash again (-300 rs) now at the last shopkeeper get total loss (-700 – 300=-1000)i.e 1000 rs. [by]

  2. Sir hua toh vese 1000 ka but uska jo profit h vo bhi gya so around i think it was may be 950 or 900 if he didnt earn the profit then he loses 1000 rs dukandar vala loses

    Profit happened to the coustomer he got 1000 rs

    Solution. ..
    1000 was taken by theft
    700 rs product was getted by theft but he didn't gv him item free so
    1000-700 ….300 rs
    Sodukan wala lost 1000 rs

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