Redmi Note 5 Pro vs Mi A1 – What's Best For YOU? Full Comparison!

In this video we compare the Xiaomi Mi A1 with the new Redmi Note 5 Pro in an epic showdown of which is the best mid range phone. Our Latest Giveaway –

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Redmi Note 5 Pro:

Xiaomi Mi A1:

In this comparison we compare the builds, specs, cameras, battery life as well as software of both these devices. So which one of these is the most bang for your buck?

Both the Redmi Note 5 Pro as well as the…

40 thoughts on “Redmi Note 5 Pro vs Mi A1 – What's Best For YOU? Full Comparison!”

  1. whats the all hype of the fucking portrait mode guys ,it makes me so angry,people compensate almost all the essential features of the phone just for the sake of this fucking portrait mode,uhhh.

  2. Capacitive keys/buttons to me never were an advantage. Why? Because you cant switch ´em! Also, instead of placing capacitive keys it would be nicer to make the bezels smaller.

  3. My problem is, I love stock android too much but I absolutely adore the battery and the lower price of the RN5P which doesn't have stock android. Which one should I get?

  4. in malaysia here we get the Note 5 Pro with f/1.9 for the main camera and dual pdaf,i would like to know is it a lot better than the indian verison.

  5. Well i have Mi A1……
    And Xiaomi is not doing fair to mi A1 users……
    1. No radio (if they want they can easily add it in a software update
    2. No E.I.S (yes i thought they will add eis support in a update but they didnt and thus note 5 pro wins because it has it)
    3. Front portrait ( if they can give note 5 pro than why they cant give it to mi a1 users)
    4. Fast charging (its processor supports fast charging and Xiaomi once accidently added this feature but quickly removed it)

  6. Man, i'm really torn between these two. While i like everything about note 5 pro e.g display, battery, processor it's still not stock android like mi a1. Can someone help me made up my mind? It's time for me to part way from my 4 yrs old galaxy note 3 (not really, still gonna use it as my secondary).

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