Redmi K20 vs Vivo Z1 Pro : Speed Test

Redmi k20 vs Vivo Z1 Pro : Speed Test

Redmi k20 comes with Snapdragon 730 and Vivo Z1 Pro comes with Snapdragon 712 but thedifference in performance is not much still the price difference is huge. In this video I hvae done detailed performance speed test between Redmi k20 vs Vivo z1 pro. Results are pretty amazing.Sson you shll get Vivo Z1 Pro Pubg test as well as Vivo Z1 Pro camera test against k20 pro.

Redmi k20 Unboxing and Full review :

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48 thoughts on “Redmi K20 vs Vivo Z1 Pro : Speed Test”

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  2. The price between z1 pro and k20 is around 6,000 is there I refer to the pric and k20 is better then z1 pro . Z1 pro has 712 and k20 has 730 bothered are new one so k20 wins for me.🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍

  3. Vivo z1 pro is not so bad at price but Redmi k20 pro is emotion!
    K20 have Snapdragon 855 processor, pop up camera and looks cool!
    Thank you sir for this information.
    Sir I'm always with you….❤️
    I hope i win this giveaway!😣

  4. Can any one tell me or suggest me the smartphone which have same the specifications as of REDMI K20 and less the price

    Note :- i mean same processor display camera all equal or above at less price

    Anyone of you..??

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