Redmi K20 Unboxing & Overview Game Changer or Not

Redmi K20 Unboxing & Overview the K20 comes with the Snapdragon 730 SOC it has a 6.39″ Full HD+ AMOLED screen and comes with 6 GB RAM and 64/128 GB storage a triple rear camera 48+13+8 MP and 20MP Popup front camera and 4000 mah battery.

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Redmi K20 starts at Rs 22K for 6+64GB model and Rs 24K for 6+128GB and is sold via flipkart

44 thoughts on “Redmi K20 Unboxing & Overview Game Changer or Not”

  1. Hey Ranjit why don't you do your recording somewhere else than your office. It will seem new to your old viewers and I feel it will make everyone little new everytime while watching the same channel

  2. Xiaomi has become very different from what it was at the initial stage when it entered Indian Market. Now as they have gained good will in Indian Market they are loosing the core of their business that is providing best phones at least pricing. Earlier they did not used to advertise their phones but now as we see they have become very aggressive in pricing and advertising of their product. If they remain same in the long run I think they will be at great loss because customers preferred Xiomi not because of brand value but because of they pricing. If one can spend 25000 why will he spend it on a company like Xiaomi which has bad after sale service, stops manufacturing spare parts after two years of the launch of the phone. Customers will surely start moving towards other brands like real me or bigger brands like Samsung. Lets see what happens next and will Xiaomi take some lesson on time and get back or get lost in the competition.

  3. Realme SD710 sold @20k
    (@Rear 2 cams, plastic back,an year old processor,thick chin bezel below, not a Full Quality build like some minor issues we had seen such as fake gorilla class earlier)

    Then Redmi SD730 why not for @24K
    (Good build, design, Quality, etc…. Note am not a Mi Fan though)

    Here comes the conclusion for ur so called Over Pricing Review …..
    Samsung mobile with SD730 @48k

    (Ask samsung to cut cost for atleast 38k to sell SD730πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„)

    Bloody Idiotic Review πŸ‘Ž

  4. Biased review…. If u don't like the pricing, then earn through Realme company funds. Are u ready to compare the original quality components used on Realme & Redmi ??? Disappointed very 1st time watching ur reviewing πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

  5. Mi launching mi a3 pro soon between 17k -19k. Thats why they launch k20 in this price range ..
    note 7s. -10k
    Note 7pro -14k
    A3 pro -17k-18k
    K20 22k
    That mi for u in every segment

  6. Xiomi was successful due to pricing strategy
    Who will buy a mobile which doesn't even gives a earphone and have cheap plastic for above 20k
    This gonna be a flop..

  7. Now Samsung has launched galaxyA80 starting at rs.47000
    But now nobody will cry for overpricing because all these Melo dramas are for other companies. Now some great people will try to justify the price of this phone by saying it has super Amoled display ( is it a joke)
    Triple rear rotating cameras
    Powerful 3700 mAh battery ( Asus 6z 5000 mah :-. Am I joke for you)

    Samsung is the only which is making us fool even in July.

  8. Hello sir, I have started food blogging recently, and i am doing it with my 3 yrs old Mi5, camera perfomance is good so far but mostly in artificial lighting i end up taking grainy images. I am tight on budget so please suggest me a good camera phone which can last 2 to 3 years. K20 or note 7 pro will their camera performance last 2 years? Do check myinsta a/c raise_d_hunger

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