Redmi K20 Pro vs OnePlus 7 Full Comparison – LET'S SETTLE IT!

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A detailed comparison between Xiaomi’s Redmi K20 Pro and the OnePlus 7 after using them for 7-15 days each.

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47 thoughts on “Redmi K20 Pro vs OnePlus 7 Full Comparison – LET'S SETTLE IT!”

  1. This is best comparison that I have seen between the two phones. Brilliant work! No misses whatsoever and loved the chart at the end. In terms of content, you are far better than any other Indian reviewer. The little things like the details about charging and chargers, widevine l1 and sundries make this review a documentary like experience.

  2. This comparison should be made the default. Your videos are legit useful and on point with at most clarity. If you get a studio and a team to edit, man you'll be best Indian tech YouTuber!!

  3. i am neither an op nor redmi fan. i used to think i can simply buy any mobile with good hardware and flash a rom and i am good to go. but it is not as simple as that. there is no rom out there evein in xda without any bugs or issues. no rom is reliable. you have to wait for considerable amount of time to get the so called stable build which is just ok. everything wont be polished. so instead of buying k2 pro, flashing custom rom, living with bugs, waiting for stable build you can buy oneplus already and live peacefully. but this is only for people for who UI is important. if UI is not important k20 pro is the undisputed winner.

  4. I found the comparison useful. He managed to avoid comparing aspects of the phones that were identical and instead focused on the differences. The summary at the end was very even handed, no bias, and helpful. Thank you!

  5. Hey Sundar…. Will xiaomi be providing regular software updates for K20 Pro and K20 the same way OnePlus does???? Do reply….

    Currently using OnePlus 5 but never used a xiaomi device….

  6. You made this like a story telling format.. The subtle music add to the effect.. Never kept the viewer boring.. As against some reviewers who just scram aloud.. Keep going

  7. Best unbiased reviewer…better than some pkmkb or whoever..😉

    keep it up man!

    Another Indian unbiased reviewer (of different category of course) is fit tuber Vivek.!

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