Redmi K20 Pro Review after 30 days

Redmi K20 Pro Unboxing:
Redmi K20 Pro & K20 Antutu:
Redmi K20 Pro vs Oppo reno 10x vs Oneplus 7 Pro:
Redmi K20 Pro vs Oneplus 7 Camera Comparison:

Redmi K20 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi9T Camera:
Redmi K20 Pro & Xiaomi Mi9T Case:

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50 thoughts on “Redmi K20 Pro Review after 30 days”

  1. I own a Poco F1 and it currently has serious multi-touch issues especially during my gaming sessions and it affects the gameplay tremendously, I was hoping the F2/K20 to have this issue resolved, yet it's still prevalent in its successor sadly.

    And I'm not sure if this is a software issue as even after various MIUI updates (10.3.5 Global), the F1 still exhibits more or less the same multi-touch issues, the ghosting at 3:46 seems insanely problematic and just that alone is enough to put me off from getting this phone (since I'm mostly using it for mobile games), nevertheless, this phone is definitely pretty amazing for it's price per performance/features.

    I'll likely get this phone if Xiaomi is able to fully resolve this issue via a software update which I'm kinda skeptical given their history with the F1, keep up the good work with the phone reviews!

  2. The truth is if you calculate that how many features and technologies they have deducted from Xiaomi Mi9 and made this Redmi K20 Pro then you can understand this is no way a cheap smartphone, With all respect I don't know why Indians are all going for this. #moronstyle

  3. Hey moron, one more request please the current stock theme of redmi k20 pro is worst and those app icons also look kinda cartooned. Plz make a video on themes for miui especially for k20 pro. Plz. Plz

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