Realme X2 vs Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Mi 9T(Pro) – One Week Review & Comparison!

Here is my one week review and initial comparison of the Realme X2 vs Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Mi 9T(Pro). Stay tuned for my camera, audio and PUBG showdown coming in a later video. Thanks for watching! #RealmeX2 #RedmiNote8Pro #Mi9T #Mi9TPro #Frankietech

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43 thoughts on “Realme X2 vs Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Mi 9T(Pro) – One Week Review & Comparison!”

  1. Stay tuned audio/camera and PUBG showdown coming in a later video!
    *Correction Say Realme X2 has a plastic back initially, I misspoke. I correct myself later in the video as it’s Gorilla Glass 5.

  2. Redmi Note 8 Pro is still the cheapest with 64Mp camera with dust proofing and larger battery to boot. Do not be enticed to spend more money for features that you do not really need. Honestly even the LCD display is just as good as the AMOLED in Mi9T, at least I cannot distinguish any difference at all.

  3. This Frankie guy doesn't know Redmi note 8 pro's processr performs better and faster than the resr. He says the note 8 is better than the pro cuz it has a snapdragon processor..πŸ‘Ž

  4. Rather have the LCD over AMOLED to be honest….had too many burn ins :/ sure the colours etc, but rather have my screens longevity over colors… personal preference! Don't hate on me

  5. Hi Frankie Tech, do you have any issues with the GPS for the Redmi Note 8 Pro? For me, even with the latest firmware updated changing the A-GPS settings and also using the GPS app, it feels like it cannot lock to GPS easily.

  6. i am having problems with my Mi 9T
    it is stuttering in games that i play
    most of the time i play Guns Of Boom
    it can keep stable 60fps
    i played the same game on a galaxy A50 and it was buttery smooth
    on the Mi 9T it stutters below 30 fps
    do you guys know what can be causing this ?
    is it MIUI or something else?

  7. Nice video as aways. Please can you check the Lenovo z6 pro. I think it's a nice offering for it's price. Plus, I learnt it's gonna launch in Europe. Will love to hear your opinion about it the device. Thanks Frankie and enjoy your weekend

  8. #jesuishongkong hope everything works itself out, it's so sad to see one of the world's greatest cities in such turmoil, I've got to be careful what I write though cause I'm at the other side of the world and don't want to assume things without being educated on the subject, but what I can say is I hope you, your family and your friends are all safe and well, all the very best from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁒󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  9. Great video, Frankie, many thanks. Things seem pretty bad there at the moment like they used to be here in Northern Ireland when I was growing up. Stay safe there in Hong Kong. Bless you.

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