REAL LIFE Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs S8 Speed Test (Don't buy the regular S9!)

Here it is, the Real Life Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Galaxy S8 speed test you’ve all been waiting for. Why do I say “real life?” Because most Galaxy S9+ vs S8 speed tests you’ve seen don’t give you a clear picture of how these devices will perform on a day to day basis. Most YouTubers do things like open 6 or 7 games, transcode video files, and a bunch of other things that you’ll never actually do in real life. The Techisode TV speed test focuses on the apps that you actually use on a day to…

45 thoughts on “REAL LIFE Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs S8 Speed Test (Don't buy the regular S9!)”

  1. Everything I did to make this a fair test:

    But first, skip to 10:06 if you want to see why I say you should NOT buy the regular Galaxy S9.

    -Both phones have been freshly factory reset.

    -All the apps have been fully updated to their latest available versions.

    -I rebooted the devices multiple times after the updates were installed to make sure the updates completed.

    -I completely turned off bluetooth and GPS.

    -I took out the SD cards to make sure they weren't doing anything in the background. This also makes sure no apps were loading from the SD card.

    -Neither device had a sim card in it to prevent it from trying to access the network to download messages, voicemail, etc.

    -Both devices were set to their max resolution.

    -All power saving features were turned off on both devices.

    -The latest firmware was installed on both device. Android 8.0.0 for the S9+ and Android 7.0.0 for the S8.

    -Both phones were on the same Wi-Fi network.

    -Developer options were turned off on both devices to show you what the animations would look like right out of the box.

    -I let the devices cool off after the benchmark so there wouldn't be skewed results due to the higher than normal temperatures induced by the benchmark.

  2. Guys straight up retarded test here. Not sure how stupid the video maker is but he is right about all the other speed tests being bullshit. Then he goes and checks apps for fraction of a second differences in opening speed on 2 different devices with different processors and the best part with 2 different versions of Android. Ret-t-t-t-tur-tur-turd

  3. Great video as always.. I just think you should redo this test with the Oreo s8 because it's blazing fast.. And why not the Exynos versions man, i live in Algeria we only have Exynos here

  4. This video is more about ANDROID 7.0 vs ANDROID 8.0… just update the firmware on s8 and do again the test (have updated on my s8 plus and the differences are really big about ram management). Obviously the s9 is still faster and have more ram but the result is pretty different.

  5. the s9 plus is using UFS 2.1, the regular s8 has UFS 2.0, the s8 plus also uses the UFS 2.1 for its storage, so loading games and apps on the s9 plus and the s8plus are going to be faster due to the higher read speeds.

  6. I'm pretty sure you should have put in the image of the video "don't buy an s9 if you already had an s8", not in general 'cause the s9 is one the fastest smartphones of 2018. And it doesn't make sense that at the end of your video you said something different. Just my opinion…

  7. Is it's worth to pay 300-400€ (370-490$) more for the s9+ (against the s8+) because apps loading 2 seconds (max) faster and a little bit better camera?
    Oh my god.. no it isn't…. wtf… whats wrong with some people..

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