PS4 Remote Play on iPhone / iPad

PS4 Remote Play on iPhone / iPad using keyboard + mouse, playstation 3 controllers. xbox controllers or any other PC controllers you have.

RemotePlay PC app details :
TeamViewer details and another way to use PS4 Remote Screen on your iOS device :
Another easy way to do PS4 Remote Play on iPhone / iPad :

36 thoughts on “PS4 Remote Play on iPhone / iPad”

  1. This video was autistic cancer trash, no one wants to watch you play your retarded ps4 with an Xbox controller on your iPhone for 5 minutes with some music from an autism convention and no tutorial on how to do it.

  2. Wait wait wait… I'm going to download teamviewer which in itself blew me away, but how did you do remote play with the ps4 ? I was hoping sony can release an app or something for ios users but.. No word on that. So what is this method ? Thank you so much for showing us this btw.

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