Portrait Mode: Explained!

iPhone X vs Note 8 vs Pixel 2 vs the Hasselblad X1D. It’s closer than you might think!
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27 thoughts on “Portrait Mode: Explained!”

  1. It’s funny because the phone in the thumbnail is in landscape mode. that confused me until I realized it was the other kind of portrait mode

  2. Man you put up some interesting content. At the start of uploads like this, i have not a single clue what you're talking about, by the end of you're vlog I have a reasonable gRasp on what you're talking about. You dumb it down just enough that someone like me can understand but not to much that I'm questioning what you're on about. Thanks for the time you put into you content. Between you, Lew & Willy Do and CJ knows tech, you all seem to have hit on your own right formula that you can teach man the info youre putting out there….. thanks for all your hard work…….

  3. Amateur: Professional photographer will make best photo using any camera, cause it's man that does the photograph.

    Professional: No. It's not true. Without proper device, You can still try to do Your best, but just any camera won't make best photo, if it lacks the functions. While the photographer *is* the most important part of a photograph, camera is a *base* for that. Proper camera can make best result. Also even amateur can make better photo with professional camera than professional with e.g. Nokia 6700. Because of what technology made for us – easier and better devices. But the amateur won't understand how to properly use that device to the best possible results. Professional still wil get better result compared to amateur in the very same device.

    Also… Samsung Galaxy S10 has 5 cameras… I doubt even 5% of people would know how to use it xD

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