Pixel 4 Looks a lot like the iPhone 11!

Google Pixel 4 and the iPhone 11 are starting to resemble each other. Google has released a render showing what the back of the Pixel 4 looks like and because of this we now have a better look at some of the features that this phone will have. Watch for the full first impressions !

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46 thoughts on “Pixel 4 Looks a lot like the iPhone 11!”

  1. Here it is Pixel 4 and some thoughts. It looks a lot like the iPhone 11 which in turn looks a lot like the Mate 20 Pro. Well at least the backs of the phones. Here are my thoughts and feel free to share yours below. Hit me up on discord if you have any questions! discord.gg/mattmoniz

  2. Hold the phone bud! Someone just found code in the Pixel Camera for Android Q Beta 5 for a "telephoto" camera. I think you might be mistaken on that telephoto lens. In fact, it's rumored that the telephoto lens will still incorporate the "super res zoom" feature on top of the telephoto lens. This is probably what Google meant by "wait till you see what it can do." My guess is that it will telephoto zoom in say 2X, 4X or maybe 6X and then "super res zoom" will kick in even more and increase to possibly 10X, 12X, or higher. That would be INCREDIBLE!!!

  3. So I have a theory. I’m thinking that this design that they showed us was actually their second choice for the design and they only showed it to us to make us think thats it. When in reality, they’re just learning from the last 3 years of leaked Pixel’s months ahead of launch. This way they’ll finally be able to suprise us! Instead of a bunch of people going to the event and going “yup, there it is, can I go home now?” I’m probably wrong but you you never can tell what in the hell Google is thinking lol

  4. Let me tell you this, the iPhone XI will release in mid september. Meanwhile, the Google pixel 4 will release in October so the iPhone will be takinh the crown with that camera design in the back. Remember the pixel 3 XL? That piece of crap with the ugliest notch copied from Apple so there is no doubt the pixel 4 won't copy Apple again. The funny part is that Google kept mocking Apple with their marketing yet they removed a headphone jack, copied the notch, raised the price…I don't own an iPhone or an apple fan. But if you are going to compete with someone then make sure you have something unique to talk about. Oh I forgot the pixel 3 XL is the ugliest phone of the year 🙂 so yeah that's one unique thing right there

  5. So iPhone and Pixels back is rip off of Mate 20 Pro and the front of pixel is rip off of Honor or Galaxy S10+.
    So who is the one stealing tech or designs?🤣🤣🤣

  6. @Matthew moniz waiting still alot for that helios 300 review I cant wait for you to get it in the studio the 1660ti version and review it in comparison to the last one and improvements and etc and if it's better then the laptops out there for the price like the last helios and I'd improvements and etc have been made.

  7. No, pixel 4 doesn't look like iPhone 11. Apple has never announced anything official about iPhone 11. Google has showed us confirmed leaks of their future new phone, so from now on we can say that if there will be any similarity between the two phones, IPhone 11 should looks like Pixel 4.. yeah, just because Google announced it first.

  8. Really hope its a hole punch display with slim to no bezel as apposed to having a chin and forehead, or a notch. I wouldnt mind the notch at all if there wasn’t a chin with it. Let’s hope they keep front firing speakers!!!

  9. LOVE the dual tone back on the other three Pixel’s and LOVE that the fingerprint sensor is on the back! Seriouslyyyyyyyy gonna miss those 2 features on the Pixel 4 but still, I do like the new design. I just wish they at least kept the fingerprint sensor on the back so i can swipe down on it for the notification tray 😭😭

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