PIXEL 2 Camera turning yellow

Google Pixel 2 camera problems – blue items turn the camera yellow

Taking a picture of something blue in the foreground causes a disgusting yellow tint to wash over the entire camera. There is no solution that I’ve found. Changing white balance from “Auto” to “Incandescent” is NOT a fix; the colors are not nearly as crisp or vibrant nor accurate.

3 thoughts on “PIXEL 2 Camera turning yellow”

  1. This effect is caused by using auto white balance along with a yellowish light source. Try the tungsten white balance setting instead. This may work, or not, depending on the exact color temperature of your light source and the apparent colors of objects in the frame (that is, the colors of the reflected light). What would really help is a Kelvin scale setting for the white balance, but the Pixel 2 doesn't have this.

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