Our big Apple iPhone 11 preview

We pick through the rumors of the next Apple flagship, dabble in Facebook Dating and talk Galaxy Fold.

Apple’s updates:
Facebook Dating:
Amazon IFA updates:
Samsung Galaxy Fold US release delay:

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2 thoughts on “Our big Apple iPhone 11 preview”

  1. Do you realize being innovators every year is really difficult, especially in a very competitive market, when you launch smartphones only once a year? Apple's competitors launch multiple smartphones throughout the year & can implement changes quicker to catch up or surpass Apple's tech on the next launch. How's that Galaxy Fold innovation coming again by the way? You want innovation you can't even afford & niche user scenarios? And 5G is NOT any innovation smartphone companies created, so just stop Ben. 5G is a year or more away still from even being consistent & reliable to even use. Also, carriers might have to change the 5G chip in the phones to fix reliability issues still. All smartphone companies are facing dwindling sales, not just Apple. Smartphones in general are doing too well, they're well built, last longer & do everything we want well enough that it's not important to upgrade every year or even every 2 years. But I think you're all lazy in your criticism. Innovation is harder than ever right now because the tech just isn't ready for the masses (cough cough in screen fingerprint sensors still kinda suck) & nobody wants to pay $1,000+ for a damn smartphone. Apple's 7Nm chip is innovative & this year's A13 bionic chip's lithography process is innovative. iPhones are insanely powerful, fast & efficient considering the low the 4 GB of RAM the iPhones have. Face ID the way Apple is doing it is innovative. The way iPhones take pictures in real time & what you see in the camera is what your pics will look like without any processing considering how well they turn out is actually really impressive. Apple is such a big & successful company that when Apple does something, it pushes the markets to all head in that direction, like getting rid of the headphone jack. But this year's iPhones are basically the iPhone 7, not an S year, same design, but redesigning the internal guts. The reverse charging will be a big change for me as I travel a lot & have Airpods I can now charge without a cable in a pinch. Yes, not first to do so, but definitely helping push the smartphone market into that trend. I'm intrigued in the new way iPhones will be taking pics this year firing all 3 cameras at once to be able to edit later if you missed something in the shot sounds innovative to me. The video sounds very innovative in that you can manually change video settings in real time like on high end cameras. Everyone I know takes a ton of pictures & videos, so this year sounds like it will rival the Pixel's capabilities & even night sight without any extra processing. And many people do edit pics & videos right on their iPhones. David poo poos the 2020 iPhone rumor of the fingerprint sensor coming back to iPhones & forgets how innovative that feature will actually be if true that there won't be a one place only to unlock the iPhone, the whole screen is said to be one giant fingerprint sensor, I know Ben, not innovative enough for ya. Heard in 2020, the notch might be under the screen….As an iPhone user, there's not much innovation left really that I would care about & make me want to buy a new phone. The LG phone with hand gestures…? Meh. The Galaxy Fold is NOT a foldable phone, it's a foldable tablet. The Razor redesign that is supposed to be coming soon, now that is a foldable phone & intriguing. The iPad mini actually fits in my back pocket of my jeans if I really need a tablet to carry around. I know, crazy, but it also fits in purses just as easily too & if you wear hoodies or a jacket, it also fits easily in those pockets as well. I think you're all out of touch how regular people use their devices. What the smartphone market needs in my opinion is not more innovation by the way, it needs compromise as in a redesigned iPhone SE to be brought into the new bezeless era for like $549-$599 price range. I've seen people say they want a mini iPhone Xs design in the form of an SE & would be willing to pay more than the iPhone XR to get it.

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