Otterbox Defender Case for iPhone 6: Review

Detailed look at the ultimate protection solution for the iPhone 6.

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27 thoughts on “Otterbox Defender Case for iPhone 6: Review”

  1. I had purchased one of these for my old iPhone 6 that I use as a backup. I couldn't get the rubber backing off, even with a pair of pliers. I took it back to Best Buy and the lady there said that she has a special tool to help take off the back. The ease you showed on the video didn't happen for me. I got something else instead.

  2. excellent pro level review borg , to the point – informative – well spoken . but i disagree about this defender so many like . 1 – i dont see it has the hefty rugged case that many do , this might be super duty for a beautician but for a working man type this things fragile despite all the hype . 2 – at the bottom of screen the rubber peice that runs below screen is too damn thin , destined to quickly wear out / tear . and just this on peice of the rubber cover makes this a quickly disposable item . and if it werent a bad enough problem theyve put the charging port right below this thin peice causing it to have to see lots of use . its another seriously flaweed design by washed up people in a declining kingdom in which the people at the top of the ruling class such as insane liberals gotta go or were history !

  3. I had a defender on my iPhone 4 and I have one for my iPhone 6s Plus but I’ve since switched to a more practical, minimal case-the Apple silicon case. I love it.

  4. Theses are one of the most expensive covers on the market and guess what, they wear out very quickly! I bought one last September for my 6 and the outer rubber has stretched and now I feel I wasted my money. I’ve often put a €5 case on a phone and it listed twice as long! After 10 months am I entitled to claim under warranty? The plastic screen protector on this and soft clear plastic ‘cling film’ is pretty poor too and dust sticks to the backside of the adhesive. A very bad design. I wish I could selling a crap product for €50 a pop like Otterbox seem to do!

  5. I don’t like Otterbox cases. It steal the elegance of the Iphone. Is too thick and the rubber gets worn out. If I want to ruin my Iphone 6S Plus with a cover I would just buy a nokia and be safe to throw it. It makes no sense to just ruin the shape of the phone just to protect it. Also, if you need a big case like that the you should not bring your phone to that place. I prefer 1,000 times ESR cases, are stylish and offer a great protection. Ive trow with ESR case in 50Ft high and everything good.

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