Original Samsung 45w Charger speed Test on the Note 10 Plus Part 2 !

Hi guys welcome to another video. We have here a Speed test to see how fast the Note 10 plus can charge using the 45W Charger from Samsung. Please keep in mind that i live in Holland and all commentary are from a European prospective

Where i Bought it:

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8 thoughts on “Original Samsung 45w Charger speed Test on the Note 10 Plus Part 2 !”

  1. The 45 watt charger I notice the best results for my note 10plus is when it dies plug it in dead and it charges to 100 percent between 56 and 61 minutes each time iv tried with the included charger I get to 100 between 59 minutes and an hour and ten minutes, so is it worth it buying this cable for fifty bucks to get about 10 minutes of charge faster probably not but I do notice the first fifty percent does go buy a little bit quicker but then it slows down even more when he gets to the 80% Mark I think probably because it's using 45 Watts so yeah it's 10 minutes difference but do I think it's personally worth it I mean at least I have to fast Chargers now but I probably would have bought it if I knew it was going to be that little of a difference I would think it would be almost twice as fast but really it's not even 10% faster the charger should be $20 dollars because eventually aftermarket charges are going to be coming up for 15 and $20 which it make it a lot easier to buy

  2. It charges 0 to 50 a lot lot faster than the 25watt.. that's what the selling point is.. it then reduces speed after 50 percent… you'd be better off changing to the 25 watt after it hits 50 lol

  3. If you know anything about fast charger you will know the only benefits of the 45 charger is when u charging it for 0-10%. After around 80 or 90 it will no longer charger at 45 watt but around 5-10watt for the health of the battery. Which is why the times are the same. Do a 30min test with both charger with the phone off at 0% and you will see

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