OPPO Find X: Find More

Time to hold the future in your hands. As all good features are there such as VOOC Flash Charge, Panoramic Arc Screen with 93.8% screen ratio, 25MP 3D AI Selfie, Gradient Design, 3D Face recognition, Stealth 3D Camera, ROM 256GB internal storage, RAM 8GB, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, 3730 mAh Battery, AI enhanced Dual Rear Camera and more:

33 thoughts on “OPPO Find X: Find More”

  1. I think neymar is intelligent enough to memorize a sentence in english and say it in the Ad but wait he did actually advertise for oppo so that's dumb enough….

  2. Oppo is a very good commercial but the only proplem this commercial with other bad Chinese commercial the truth I love oppo they are smart but plz don't copy any other commercial or stole their features plz try make the best phone without copy other commercial I know you don't and plz don't lie I know you didn't copy but plz don't repeat the iPhone X iPhone X is not really the best phone its a bad phone on my opinion but oppos phone is the best I love oppo so much

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