OnePlus 7T Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus!

OnePlus 7T Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus – including camera, benchmarks, battery, specs, charging speed, and features!

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41 thoughts on “OnePlus 7T Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus!”

  1. In US at least, you can often catch Note on sale. OnePlus goes on sale rarely and that situation brings Note closer in price. For example, right now Verizon is offering $300 off Note 10+ and ATT $200. In addition, you aren't going to get WiFi Calling and Voice LTE unless you have TMobile since AT&T doesn't allow phones it doesn't carry to tap into WiFi Calling/VOLTE. So the overall situation is a bit more tricky across the pond. Well, and the fact that OnePlus decided not to release 7T Pro over here.

  2. Wait, 7T pro runs Android 10 and 7Pro runs Android 9. I thought OnePlus gets updates faster than others. Is that not true? If not, are we having more fragmentation? first with Android and then with Oxygen OS?

  3. one thing I disagree is the face unlcok, although 1+ got a pop up selfie camera , the camera opening speed is actually faster than samsung, I've watched a couple of other videos for this test.

  4. I'm honestly pissed that they won't be carrying this in the US at T-Mobile. I had the 7Pro, I want the 7T Pro. I lost faith in them and switched back to Samsung.
    Downvote me all you want, but the S10 plus is far superior to the op7pro

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