OnePlus 7 vs Redmi Note 7 Pro Detailed Camera Comparison

OnePlus 7 vs Redmi Note 7 Pro detailed camera comparison. There is a big price gab between the OnePlus 7 and the Redmi Note 7 Pro, but both phones have Sony IMX 586 as the primary camera. So like many of you, I also wanted to see if there is any difference in the images from both these cameras.
Redmi Note 7 Pro is one of the best budget smartphones, and the OnePlus 7 looks to disrupt the premium flagship market, so this comparison is very interesting.

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16 thoughts on “OnePlus 7 vs Redmi Note 7 Pro Detailed Camera Comparison”

  1. I think it's not just camera but overall performance of a smartphone is more important. Oxygen OS is miles ahead of MIUI because of intrusive ads in Xiaomi phones.
    So my pick will be OnePlus 7 just for overall stellar performance not for camera.

  2. watched this video to see how terrible the oneplus camera is for the price and how good the note 7 pro camera is, again for its price.
    The OnePlus 7 and 7 pro have the same primary 48mp camera.
    what dishearts me is that oneplus 7 pro being 50k phone doesnt come with one of the best industry standard camera.
    about the same price the s10e has got a far better camera and 10k the s10 its the same.
    My point is when the phone is priced 50k+ it better be one of the best in every category, no cost cutting anymore.
    oneplus 6, 6t were priced avg and the camera performed such but the camera in 7 pro doesnt justify the price

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