OnePlus 5T Navigation Gestures: iPhone X-like or Nah?

The OnePlus 5T received a new Oreo beta build today and the update introduces a big new feature: Navigation Gestures. These are indeed like the iPhone X and its gesture-inspired navigation in that you swipe up to go home or swipe up and hold to bring up the app switcher. OnePlus added a back gesture, though, since this is Android.

Let’s see how it compares in a OnePlus 5T vs. iPhone X battle.

You can download the new OnePlus 5T Oreo beta…

34 thoughts on “OnePlus 5T Navigation Gestures: iPhone X-like or Nah?”

  1. I am still enjoying my 3t. It's fast enough to switch apps, double tap to lock, double tap to open previous app.. It's much handy than swiping up and then selecting. Also I find gestures to be too slow in 5T.

  2. Why not just use swipe from the bottom left and bottom right edges of the phone for back and forward? Drawers will still work if you swipe from the top or middle of an edge. Like if you agree.

  3. I think it's pretty cool and a matter of a couple of days to forget the buttons.
    It's like the fingerprint reader which was earlier on the front and now almost every phone has them at the back.
    I use the Note 8 by the way and do not find it a bother anymore even with this placement of the fingerprint reader.

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