One of the Best Smartphones you have never heard of (2016)

The best smartphone in 2016 you have never heard of: only 165$ ! The xiaomi Redmi note 3 review.
Giveaway Winner = David Halsop ! Congrats man !
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20 thoughts on “One of the Best Smartphones you have never heard of (2016)”

  1. I've had my Redmi Note pro (Snapdragon 650 version) about 3 weeks now after upgrading from an iPhone. I won't be going back to Apple any time soon. The value for money is unreal. I used to come home from work, put my iPhone on charge and start using my iPad. No matter how hard I push this phone, it's hard to kill the battery. The screen is beautiful, MIUI isn't as bad as he says. The only down side for me is low volume audio through headphones, the quality drops, but only when really low

  2. lol just 3 hours to charge ! My samsung galaxy S4 Active takes 5 or 6 hous if I leave it on (for calls) and have it plugged into my computer ! So 3 hours is pretty quick for such a massive battery !

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