Olixar Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Glass Screen Protector (Case Compatible) – Installation Guide & Review

In today’s video we’ll be showing you how to apply what is arguably the best glass screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8! The Olixar Case Compatible Glass Screen Protector for the Note 8 offers amazing protection, easy installation and even comes in a handy twin pack, making it a great option for me.

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Olixar Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case Compatible Glass…

41 thoughts on “Olixar Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Glass Screen Protector (Case Compatible) – Installation Guide & Review”

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  2. Problem with this type of tempered glass protector is it only has adhesive on the edges while the rest has none. Therefore, most of the surface does not have direct contact with the phone screen itself. And this will have touch senstivity issues like hard press. youneed to press real hard to get anything done. i know this coz i just bought one, cost me $6 equivalent in our country with a known brand. Totally useless. Had to take it off after a day. I went around and ask for alternatives. This store offered me same tempered curve glass protector for much less but the main difference is it full adhesive. Like the entire surface of the protector has adhesive, thus eliminating touch issues. So to hose wanting to buy curved tempered glass protectors, make sure you get the full adhesive ones. Brands is not an issue since msot of them are manufactured by only 1 or two companies in china anyway

  3. Issues I encounter with this types of protector:
    – screen sensitivity maybe because its not fully in contact.
    – edges are open which holds a lot of dirt.
    Dirt cant be removed because its already held by the adhesive.

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